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October 2, 2017 by Rob

Every once in a while you have a project that creates an experience that takes your team to the next level. For us, working with Whitworth Athletics provided one of those opportunities. We were brought in to help raise awareness of the many challenges Whitworth Athletics faces, all of which largely stem from having dated facilities and a department spread across several buildings. I actually left a job at Whitworth when we started Rogue Heart in 2011, and it was impressive to see the many improvements to the campus since then, but I did notice those improvements haven’t yet extended to the west side of campus where the 70-year-old buildings the athletics team works out of are found.

Getting to craft a video highlighting Whitworth pride, doing our part to build some empathy for the struggles this department faces, and also building some hope for what the future might look like was an eminent privilege. It was an incredible project for a lot of reasons: first the staff and students fully bought into the process and were incredible to work with. Looking back, it was also one of our first shoots where we deployed an approach to filming that isn’t typical in our industry and we feel is starting to define our work. Instead of a bunch of people huddled behind one camera crafting one shot, we deploy multiple shooters each often having more than one camera to get a variety shots (steadicam, drone, macro, etc).

behind the scenes

Not only did this shoot affect how we approached production, but it was also at the time when we were starting to support clients with social strategy and how to get the most out of video content. The painful part with this project was the video wasn’t for social media use; it couldn’t be shared for several months because it was to be revealed at an event. So after each shoot day, we were so happy with the footage, we decided to edit a quick sneak peek that we shared on Facebook to build a little excitement for the client (because it was going to be a couple weeks until they got a draft). Within a couple days the second sneak peak had thousands of views, 30 plus shares, and was one of our top 10 most engaged post in 2017.

In the time that followed, we started to look at how the sneak peek got so much traction, what type of content performed well for us, and also what could we offer clients that might engage their audience in a different way. Right now, with 18 months of growth since this project, we not only are consulting clients on what to produce and how to share, but we’ve actually grown to managing content. We just finished a campaign where the investment resulted in just shy of 200k engaged viewers (for $.26 per viewer). I find a lot of pride in that the knowledge didn’t start with some guru course or marketing workshop: it bloomed with a couple creatives working on the ground in the Pine Bowl to create content and responding to the way the community engaged with it. Go Pirates!


Written By Rob

Rob has 16 years of experience in information technology, from traditional programming and leading a department at a prominent international software company to more nontraditional roles integrating technology into new industries. He is also a Marketing Practitioner and is committed to the Rogue Heart mission of creating Media that Matters; helping clients establish relevant KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and measuring the impact and success of campaigns.

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