Working with Rogue Heart

For the better part of a decade, we've been crafting effective and authentic multimedia content for our clients. If your team is seeking a media partner to support your marketing goals, we'd love to connect.

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If you have growth goals, but you're not 100% sure what will get you there, read on.

Highest Value

We work with clients to evaluate opportunity costs and marketing priorities. We divide our efforts into three categories: Reach, Engagement, and Brand Love. When we understand our clients' marketing goals, we can help identify the areas most in need and create the right media tools as part of a goal-focused and cost-effective plan.

Reach: Introducing people who are not yet familiar with your company to your story
Engagement: Inviting two-way communication and starting to build relationships
Brand Love: Strengthening loyalists who continue to raise brand awareness with us

We made a cool video. Now what?

We love seeing clients get traction out of content we've partnered to create. And sometimes we mourn lost opportunities when media isn't leveraged as it could have been. Responding to the needs of our clients, we are proud to be a resource in content strategy and digital marketing to make sure the tools we create are maximized to meet their goals.

We only manage marketing accounts for our media clients

Social Media Marketing

Creative content made with your audience in mind, shared with the community in a strategic way. We can support your social media goals or manage the channels with you.

Digital Advertising

When you have an engaged online community, organic reach can be valuable. And when you're ready to grow, investing in digital advertising can rapidly broaden your audience.

Brand Accuracy & Visibility

Is your organization listed in online directories? Are there unclaimed or duplicate listings? Are there dated branding elements or service offerings? We can make sure your message is consistent.

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