Proudly based in Spokane

Megan Kennedy

Founder, Creative Director, Nonfiction Filmmaker

Greta Carlson

Marketing Accounts Manager

Diana Opong-Parry

Associate Producer, Impact Project Manager

Jazmine Hunt

Nonfiction Filmmaker

Our Values

What fuels us at Rogue Heart, what brings a sense of purpose and shapes our culture, plays out in our values below:

  • Be Adventurous. Live & Create with a sense of Adventure
  • Celebrate People. Our people, our clients, their people, their clients… everyone
  • Appreciate Complexity. Recognize the full worth of Listening & Context
  • Leverage for Good. What can we do to maximize the use and impact of our work?

If the four values above are our compass, then the five strengths below are the way in which we blaze our trail.

Core Strengths

Collaborative. Adaptive. Compelling. Heartfelt. Authentic.

These words that decorate our conference room, we’ve come to lovingly think of as the core strengths that we bring to our projects. They are the benchmarks for how we bring our unique best to any given shoot, interaction, campaign, or deliverable. They are how we show up for our partners, creatively and relationally.

Rogue Heart exists to help community-focused organizations and value-based businesses amplify their stories. By creating authentic messages through creative nonfiction media, we support our clients in reaching their growth goals.


We strive to understand what success looks like on every project, and reaching our goals is always sweet. When we get the chance to celebrate award-winning work with clients, it is the cherry on top.


Community Involvement

We love the generous nature of the Spokane community, and we feel called to take an active role in shaping and celebrating our city. From involvement in our business district and neighborhood council, to active membership in volunteer groups like Executive Women International and Spokane Regional MarCom Association, to supporting local nonprofits and heralding the accomplishments of PNW Difference Makers... Home matters. Community is what supports us all.

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