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Rogue Heart Media x Spark Central

December 5, 2022 by Jazmine

Rogue Heart loves an opportunity to partner with local nonprofits and a chance to support Spokane’s youth. So when our lovely friends from Spark Central asked if we would be interested in hosting a creative-learning summer camp, we rallied. We already knew what Spark Central stands for in the community and we couldn’t wait to see their team in action! We went to work structuring a four-day summer camp where 4th-6th graders would learn how to interview, record, and edit together a mini-documentary. We had three teams of four kids, each led fearlessly by one of our own Rogue Heartians. Each group picked an epic name (Team Withering Creeps, The Minecats, and The Super Comicers to be precise) and something they loved doing at Spark Central. With each team and topic set, we were off to create some mini docs.

We taught them how to interview and dig deeper for an emotional response. How to compose a pleasing shot, operate a camera, pay attention to audio, give direction with confidence and listen to feedback, and edit film in a way that successfully tells a story. As a filmmaker and storyteller, I can barely express the joy it gave me watching kids light up about “getting a cool shot” or using industry terms.

Working alongside a like-minded and motivated group made all the difference. I think I can speak for all of Team Rogue Heart when I say we’re incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to share this experience. We are amazed by everything Spark Central does for our community. This nonprofit organization is possible because of the generous people who volunteer, donate, and work there.

On the last day of camp, Spark Central was filled to the brim with family and friends eager to watch the mini-docs and see what their children had created. Judging by the smiles around the room, I would say it was a successful way to spend four days of our summer!

Jazmine Hunt

Written By Jazmine

Jazmine is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to Spokane in 2014. She is currently working towards a BFA degree in Communications with a Minor in Animation at the Academy of Art University. She’s had articles published in a minor publication and video works that have been featured in the Sony Xperia Film Festival and Terrain Art Gallery. When she’s not passing on her love of art to her two young daughters, she can be found cooking gumbo, reading sci-fi novels, or bugging random check-out clerks with fun facts about stop motion animation.

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