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November 4, 2022 by Skyler

If there is anything that I have learned in my lifetime, it is to never stop dreaming. Being rooted in a creative world means choosing between doing something you are passionate about and making money – and it seems that everyone will keep reminding you of that fact. 

Originally, I had enrolled at Eastern Washington University as a Dental Hygiene student. I knew this path would make everyone else happy, even if I wasn’t. Within the first couple days it was clear it wasn’t a good match. After attending a friend’s show at the EWU Theatre, I knew that I was about to disappoint a lot of people. “What are you going to do with Graphic Design and Theatre?” was everyone’s particular question and one I had no answer to. I knew it was a leap of faith to follow my passion for acting and art, but I kept dreaming it would work out. Thankfully, it did!

I ended up working for the EWU Theatre, doing anything from office work, poster/program design, photography and more. This was the perfect environment to explore how my degrees would work with each other. The world had set my expectation that a college degree meant a guaranteed job post-graduation. Unfortunately, that is more like a 50/50. When I graduated, finding a job was difficult. The reality of not being able to find something within the first year set in and I settled for a Barista position at a local cafe.

Thankfully, Spokane Ensemble Theatre saw my hard work and took a chance on me. They gave me a title (Communications Manager) and the opportunity to continue to grow my talents at a job I was passionate about. I thought things couldn’t get any better, until I heard about an opening at Rogue Heart Media. An opportunity to continue in a field I loved and to get away from customer service, led me to applying. Thankfully, I landed the job as a Content Marketer and Designer. Right from the beginning Rogue Heart showered me with kindness, a giving spirit, and connection in a way I had not experienced before. They believed in me enough to create a role that would allow me to design and thrive.

 Within the first week I accompanied the team on a visual documentation of  the release of Chinook Salmon into the Spokane River. As I was listening to the words, blessings, and songs from members of the Spokane Tribe, I had a similar feeling to being in that EWU Theatre for the first time, alive. Every part of me felt joy that not only was this happening, but that I get to be part of this company striving to make a difference. I have only been here for a bit, but I have learned so much already and can’t wait to continue that growth professionally and personally. Thank you to Team Rogue Heart for welcoming me with open arms!

Skyler Moeder

Written By Skyler

An EWU graduate with a Bachelors in Graphic Design and Theatre, Skyler is surrounded by the world of storytelling and loves to take part of it in anyway she can. An island girl who moved to Spokane, she found a way to pursue both of her creative passions - one rooted in the thrill of live performance and the other in making art of all forms. In her free time she likes to take photographs, perform in shows around town, annoy her fiancé or snuggle her cat, Hemlock.

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