HyVee by Treveri

Product Photo

December 15, 2017 by Rob

So this is a sad blog post. I didn’t get any behind the scenes images to show how much work went into crafting this one image!

Wine Photography

Megan spent most of the day putting this together, and the set-up was quite elaborate. There are a lot of challenges in photographing a bottle, namely all the things that show up in the reflection; the lights, flagging, the photographer. Photographers that specialize in product shots sometimes will have a little white box they put products in with a small hole for the lens called a ‘light box’ (picture below).

We don’t have a light box because Megan’s style is typically a little more environmental. But even without that equipment, we were still able to create that pure, blank-slate style background and offer that additional product look option.

It’s difficult to tell a story with an image when it just has a plain white background, but sometimes that is a necessity when your distributor needs a photo of your wine on a white background. So while we don’t field many request like this because of our relationship we were happy to be able to support their team. In 2016 we initially connected with Treveri, traveling to their winery to film the wine-making process.

Also I can’t find the bottle anywhere now… so Megan may have found another perk to photographing wine.


Written By Rob

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