Web Design Workshop

A New Approach To Building Websites

January 21, 2017 by Gretchen

Web Workshop

(GUEST BLOG POST: We are thrilled to have an amazing intern on our team this month, Gretchen Van Lith of Whitworth University. Thanks for sharing your words and ideas with us, Gretchen!)

Well, there is no avoiding it, in today’s world, business and technology really do go hand in hand. There’s also no denying that when technology doesn’t play nice, frustrations can skyrocket (am I the only one who has ever considered tossing a computer out a window?).

So, with online presence being such a vital part of success – it’s easy to see how creating a custom website might seem like an insurmountable, yet necessary task for a lot of business owners. There has to be an easier way, right? Less than an hour into Rogue Heart Media’s very first web design cohort and I realized the answer, finally, is YES *sigh of relief*.

Web Workshop

The four business professionals who participated in the process came from vastly different industries, but all with an ambitious collective goal: to end the week with a unique and stellar website. The truth is, they walked out with a lot more than that. Turns out, in addition to simplifying the website construction process, the workshop provided a platform for a good dose of general marketing know-how and genuine fun, too.

A seemingly stressful task, although still full of challenge, was taken on with a spirit of collaboration, optimism and laughter.

Cohort members bounced ideas off of one another, becoming increasingly invested in each other’s projects as more and more elements came together for each. Meanwhile, not only was Rob’s knowledge and enthusiasm helping to build websites, it was filling the cohorts’ dashboards with the tools needed for them to feel that running a site they’re proud of, is in their wheelhouse after all.

All in all, the first cohort experience revealed that maybe navigating this whole website building thing isn’t so bad after all. And I am willing to bet that the positive experiences of those who find and navigate through these shiny new websites will make the week of hard work and hearty laughs well worth it. Congrats to Cohort 1, thanks for braving the adventure with us!

Web Design Workshop

If you have an interest in learning more or participating in a future cohort, sign up for updates through our newsletter, or reach out to Rob with any questions!



Written By Gretchen

Gretchen is a senior marketing major at Whitworth University. With internship experience in marketing, graphic design, and public relations she is passionate about using creativity to build meaningful content and visuals that help businesses thrive.

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