Water Stewardship: 2019 in review and 2020 updates

We're getting even more Water Wise this year!

July 23, 2020 by Greta

Season after season, we remain delighted to be collaborating with the City of Spokane Water Stewardship campaign. Expanding from Spring/Summer work in 2019 to year-round coverage of media and messaging for 2020 has already exposed us to an array of responsibilities of the stormwater and wastewater management departments, particularly during the rainy spring season.

It keeps getting sweeter, as we had the chance to celebrate our 2019 work at our Regional MarCom Awards, where our Water Stewardship campaign for 2019 was honored with their version of “Best of Show,” called The Blaze Award. That recognition came with the chance to speak about the project in detail – to its development and the measurable outcomes – so we took the chance to encapsulate the season of fun (and results!) in a single 15-minute video. Needless to say, it got us excited all over again for the continued and ongoing stewardship campaign opportunities!

We hope you’ll give the video a watch:

Perhaps the most gratifying characteristic of this multi-faceted digital marketing campaign, is that our strategy and achieved outcomes were rooted in more intrinsic values of being responsible stewards to our region’s natural resources. We get to look beyond the performance metrics of impressions served and engagement rates (although those data points certainly guided our content distribution and paid advertising strategy), and measure human behavior changes as well as the campaign’s impact on social awareness, action and advocacy.

This campaign continues to be a beautiful blend of digital marketing strategies and human-centric storytelling in order to encourage members of our local community to make a very real shift in their water use and an increased understanding of how our local water is managed. We share tangible examples of how to reduce water consumption, and help audience members truly see themselves as an active part of the solution. Ultimately,the campaign results moved the needle in a positive direction, which is all the more satisfying and humbling to know the beneficial ripple effect our messaging has on an ecological level as well.

In the course of this year’s campaign with the City of Spokane Water Department, we’ll continue to bring attention to SpokaneScape (a program that credits qualified homeowners up to $500 toward their water bill if they trade out their lawn for water-smart landscaping) and we’ll also create content devoted to how everyone can reduce their outdoor water usage, especially during the hot summer months. By now, we also already have one season of Spokane Stormwater content in the books, and know more about swales, biofiltration systems, and the various types of catch basins than than we’d previously have thought possible!

Another huge milestone that has already been reached during this year’s campaign has been the roll-out of an entire branding redesign! As of May 1st, the program formally known as Slow The Flow Spokane is now officially Water Wise Spokane complete with full, fresh suites of logos, color palates, and even a sweet, water-wise owl to guide our audiences to helpful conservation tips and rebate information. The overall look and feel of the program totally rejuvenated from the previous legacy assets, and we were able to collaborate with a local designer (shout out to Katherine Bell!) to create a modernized brand that better aligns with key messaging and is fun and playful, as is fitting to our storytelling style: in a word, inviting.

We still have much more planned throughout the exciting season ahead, and we can’t wait for the fun to continue! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the City of Spokane’s website about water conservation, waterwisespokane.org, and follow the Water Wise Spokane Instagram and Facebook pages too. Also, tune-in to the super fun Spokane Water 2020 playlist on Spotify for some sweet summer jams! Stay cool, keep saving!

Greta Carlson

Written By Greta

With a background in media and digital marketing, Greta layers her love of storytelling into every campaign strategy and creative project. Her career began on film industry sets and since then has advanced into the communications field to direct comprehensive marketing strategies in numerous industries in order to grow and evolve digital impact. You can usually find her drinking coffee, skiing the local slopes, enjoying the magic of the movies, traveling the world, or palling around with her dog Moose.

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