Venturing into Vertical Video with DirtKart

Our Snapchat Spots are Exceeding the Speed Limit!

June 3, 2020 by Mike

Everyone could use a little more fun in their lives. To DirtKart founder Brycen Tarr, that means drifting into corners, and the exhilaration of true racing. Which – lucky for the rest of us – he’s figured out how to make accessible with a one-of-a-kind experience here in Spokane.  But how do you capture that thrill? The feeling of speed? Those were the challenges that Brycen brought to us at Rogue Heart.

“Dirt track racing is what many American’s associate with racing – it’s racing at the grassroots level” says Brycen. He also envisioned decking out the facility with HUGE photos of the racing experience – vinyl window coverings, gigantic banners to hang around the track – that was another part of his plan we could happily help with. We recently came back to see how the install turned out. It was pretty epic to behold.

Once the dust had settled and a direction had been hammered out, the green flag was dropped and we were off to the races. On this shoot, we were able to capture video and photo assets for promotional content. We shot video in vertical video format for use on social platforms like Snapchat and IG TV, as well as horizontal video to optimize viewing for his growing Facebook community.

We used 360-degree video that allowed us to give a FPV (first person view) from the front seat of the Karts. To help give a level of perspective, we incorporated some drone video of the drivers navigating the oval dirt track. In all, this was an action packed half-day shoot.

We are excited to see this venture grow and encourage you to try out DirtKart!

Mike Robison

Written By Mike

As an FAA certified remote pilot and camera operator, Mike crafts and captures the images that illustrate our stories, and he regularly monitors new gear and technology to make sure Rogue Heart stays ahead of the curve. Mike races and refurbishes antique Model Ts in his spare time, and is arguably the MacGyver of the shop, applying his mechanic’s mind to creative problem solving situations in the field and in the studio.

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