Taking Video to New Heights

Drone Coverage of the Pacific Northwest

September 27, 2017 by Mike

Video is an amazing tool used to gain perspective. We get to tell other people’s stories, our stories, and create an experience. New complex hardware is constantly being produced, cinema behemoths like the 8k RED Weapon cameras, all the way down to mini 1080HD pen (Spy) cameras. The combination of quality and small form factor has given birth to exciting new ways to tell stories.

With visual storytelling we rely on different equipment to help convey thoughts and feeling. Different lenses give different perspective, A macro lens lets you see texture, while a wide angle lens can set a scene. A handheld camera can give a sense of urgency and suspense while the use of aerial photography is used to give the perspective of expanse (or give detail to a subject that isn’t easily accessible). It also allows the viewer to see a familiar setting from a unusual perspective.

The Bears are back in town

Spokane is always surprising us! The team from Thegreatpnw.com and Kingsley & Scout got the rest of Spokane in a frenzy with their creative billboard. Come down to the North Monroe Business District tonight and tomorrow to see the bears… selfies encouraged! 😉

We have the best neighbors. <3

Posted by Rogue Heart Media Inc. on Friday, May 11, 2018

I’ve always had an interest in aviation. Drones or sU.A.S. (small Unmanned Aerial Systems) are being used on a daily basis around the world. These amazing machines come in a wide range of styles, from fixed wing to Heli, quad, Hex, and Octocopters. A vast majority of prosumer drone these days come with integrated G.P.S. This makes for stable flights, and the ability to know home points, set routes as well as flight paths. Some even come with stereo vision sensors and infrared sensors that allow for autonomous obstacle avoidance. (They pretty much fly themselves)
Rogue Heart Drone Flight
The first week of September 2017 I went to a class held by Northwest flight School and took the F.A.A.part 107 test. With this certification Rogue Heart Media now has a commercially licensed sU.A.S. Pilot on staff. We are extremely excited for the future in aerial video and photography and soon you will get to see a new perspective of storytelling from the eyes of our drone.

Mike Robison

Written By Mike

As an FAA certified remote pilot and camera operator, Mike crafts and captures the images that illustrate our stories, and he regularly monitors new gear and technology to make sure Rogue Heart stays ahead of the curve. Mike races and refurbishes antique Model Ts in his spare time, and is arguably the MacGyver of the shop, applying his mechanic’s mind to creative problem solving situations in the field and in the studio.

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