CVSD “How Do You See the World” Videos

September 14, 2015 by Mallory

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We love Central Valley School District, and working with them again this year to create video content for their all-staff orientation breakfast was a joy. While last year’s videos focused on the perspectives of diverse staff, this year we spoke with graduating seniors from around the district. Over 1,200 CVSD teachers, administrators, support staff, and community leaders attended the event, and the theme this year was “How Do You See the World?”

Commercial VideoCommercial Video Commercial Video

We have been so impressed by the enthusiasm of those at CVSD and their passion for empowering the students in their community. The event was wonderful to witness, not only because we rarely get to see our videos screen in person (not to mention in front of such a colossal audience), but it was glorious to see the talents of CVSD staff shine during an improvised jazz session! If only their students could see this side of their educators.

Mallory Battista

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