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September 6, 2017 by Rob

In June we got to connect with the team at Roloff Digital Forensics, and we feel very lucky to be connected with another amazing local business. This small team from our city travels all over the world to provide expert testimony in criminal and civil cases where technology intersects with the legal arena, like when a smart home speaker becomes a murder witness. We collaborated with RoloffDF to take headshots and marketing photos for their new website. There have been some recent culture shifts in the company (the acquisition of media coincided with a rebranding effort), and we felt privileged to get to be there at this chapter of their growth when there is so much optimism and positive energy looking toward the future.
Roloff Digital Forensics

After the new website launched we also had the chance to work with their team to get some of their images printed for the lobby.

best digital forensics office
We get really excited when we get to see our imagery used in installations! It’s so powerful to have the consistency of the imagery online matching the imagery you use in your space. Megan was excited their team picked some of the more texture-focused images. I really wanted to see some of the quirky people shots that showed off their personality like the one below.
Roloff Digital Forensics Team
But I can see why the texture images are a good choice, too. They’ll be timeless, whereas any people images may need to change if you have staff turnover. There is a lot to consider when planning an installation.

We’re excited to watch RoloffDF grow, and we look forward to capturing more photos as they add more digital forensic examiners to their team!


Written By Rob

Rob has 16 years of experience in information technology, from traditional programming and leading a department at a prominent international software company to more nontraditional roles integrating technology into new industries. He is also a Marketing Practitioner and is committed to the Rogue Heart mission of creating Media that Matters; helping clients establish relevant KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and measuring the impact and success of campaigns.

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