Rogue Heart Media is #Giving2020

Our team is filled with gratitude during this season of thanks

November 19, 2020 by Megan

In a year loaded with challenges, reaching November and the season of Thanksgiving feels like a gift. Our team is taking an extra beat to reflect on what we are most grateful for, reconnecting with each other and our guiding values by #Giving2020. Specifically, we are donating $2020 this month to support four of the many nonprofits in our community that make it their business to protect what matters. And what matters, exactly? Too much to mention. But we found four areas of deep impact for our team, as we thought about our 2020 experience so far.

Week 1 of #Giving2020, Team Rogue Heart unanimously agreed that time in nature has been a source of calm and groundedness throughout this year’s challenges. The opportunity to explore and absorb the beauty and fresh air of the Northwest has been a true gift which we are immensely grateful for. So, for the conscientious stewardship of our regional environment by the team at Inland Northwest Land Conservancy, we are pleased to support their work. You can also learn more about their efforts at and at the (virtual) INLC Annual Meeting on December 8th!

“During the first week of Rogue Heart’s #Giving2020 campaign, it was easy to identify that the ability to escape outdoors and enjoy the beautiful natural areas that Northwest has to offer has been essential to our well-being and overall happiness – during this tumultuous and challenging year especially.” 

– Greta

Week 2 of #Giving2020, we recognized how this year has magnified our appreciation of home as a source of comfort and security, a place where we rest and dream, where we find nourishment, and build our lives. The pandemic has integrated home, school, and work in ways that we weren’t expecting, but the comforts of home remain a tremendous source of both gratitude and humility for all of us at Rogue Heart Media. Everyone deserves access to safe, fair, and affordable housing.
This week we highlighted the important work of Community Frameworks, a regional nonprofit who develops affordable multi-family and supportive housing, provides home ownership opportunities for hard working families, and counsels families on budgeting, credit, and home ownership topics. We are excited to support their mission to create affordable housing as a catalyst to help communities thrive. Community Frameworks also supports other organizations across the Northwest like our friends at Transitions, to develop places that provide for this most basic of people’s needs: shelter.

“For our second week we focused on being grateful for the comforts of home. Taking a moment to appreciate the heat, the cozy blankets, and the many places I have in my home to rest was a great reminder of just how lucky we are, and why it’s important for every person to have a safe place to rest and refill their well.” 


Week 3 of #Giving2020, we focused our thankfulness of the strength of community, specifically around themes of justice & equity, creativity & resilience. The uncertainties of this past year – though daunting in the thick of it all – have in many ways been outstripped by rallying  positivity, deep connection to the importance of creativity, and an adaptive open heartedness to support one another. By working to address inequities as a community, we can do our part to honor the infinite worth of every person and empower a sense of purpose and creativity in everyone. In this spirit, we celebrated the amazing resource that is Spark Central! Their focus on equitable access to art, literature, and technology is a huge gift to Spokane. They’ve adapted to COVID by offering quality creative programming online, while also using their outreach to make sure our neighbors know how to access essential services, particularly within Spokane’s West Central neighborhood. We are thrilled to be supporting this creative, educational, and inclusive space, and help Spark Central keep powerful youth programs and membership available at no cost.

“Unpredictable and disruptive though 2020 has been, it has also catalyzed many incredible displays of creativity and important conversations around equity. At the same time, the challenges we’re facing may very well be deepening our appreciation for art and connection. I would say that is something to be grateful for. ” 

– Megan

Week 4 of #Giving2020, with Thanksgiving fast approaching, we acknowledge our deep gratitude for the togetherness of family. From the family that fill our homes and our dinner tables, to our Rogue Heart Media “work” family, as well as the family we choose… the friends we surround ourselves with when we aren’t in the midst of a pandemic, sheltering in place. While many families cannot be physically together this holiday due to Covid-19 travel restrictions and limits on gatherings, some face a different kind of barrier due to housing instability. Truth is, most shelters are not set up to accommodate families, which at times separates couples from each other, fathers from their children, and individuals from their pets.

“Family is more than who we’re born related to, it’s the people you share your most precious moments with. As we move into the holiday season let’s do what we can to make sure everyone gets a chance to be surrounded by those they hold dear.”

– Jazmine

Family Promise is a local nonprofit that operates the Open Doors Family Shelter, working to keep families who are currently experiencing homelessness together. Open Doors provides shelter, case-management, food, laundry, showers, access to technology for remote schooling, and a way home for families experiencing homelessness.  So after you video chat with your grandmother, but before you tuck-into turkey and gravy, we hope you’ll consider joining us in honoring the importance of togetherness with families in need. Happy Thanksgiving, All!

Megan Kennedy

Written By Megan

With over 20 years of video production experience, Megan invests heart and mind into every project, from directing and editing PSA campaigns, to producing complex human interest documentaries, to developing extensive digital and multimedia campaigns. She also leads the team’s photography services, specializing in crafted portraiture as well as creative and conceptual imagery for marketing. She is dedicated to community stewardship and placemaking, and her commitment to projects that make a difference guides Rogue Heart in its growth.

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