Rescue! Taught Us How to Show a Bug Who’s Boss

Spoiler: I'm the boss.

December 3, 2018 by Alena

A fly somehow got into our office this week. I thought it was too cold for flies in November, but I guess I was wrong. I’ve been slapping at it but I’m not the Karate Kid. So I captured him another way: with a glittery filter.

Then, I got to work on our recent project with Rescue!

fly got in

I’ve been captioning the videos that show a little bit of all the facets of Rescue!: their facility, their employees, and their BUG TRAPS. I want these traps. Every time I watch one of the videos, I imagine myself setting up the trap in my own house, killing all the bugs who live there and never pay rent, who get into my cabinets and plants, who crawl up the wall next to my face.

Rescue! products are manufactured close to home, and we loved developing a concept for a How-To series in a way that demonstrated more than how to use their products: the videos show off their staff’s personalities, their company culture,  and their pride in their work and their innovations. Getting to know how to use the traps and repellents and baits while getting to hobnob with their creators was like being able to have our cake and eat it too and keep yellowjackets off of it.

Every video made me laugh and I learned a lot, too. Check out their videos below: get to know not only how to assemble their products but also their wonderful team, starting with Mi (lab technician) and the Yellowjacket Repellent DecoShield.

The next video show Rescue!’s fly trap technology: VisiLure. It attracts flies via color blocks instead of by smell, so I don’t have to smell some nasty odor while I’m trying to send that flying intruder swimming with the fishes. Sergey (Injection Molding Supervisor) demonstrates how to use the Fly Tapes.

Another really cool video we created was for the Disposable Yellowjacket Trap. The way it works is you pour some water in it and it activates the bait, and, as Stephanie (Marketing Director) demonstrated the trap, she warned us to hang our trap as fast as we could after we activated the bait. And a yellowjacket got to her trap before she could hang it up! I was laughing but only because I was watching through a screen.

We captured a bit of footage for a behind-the-scenes video to show how we really needed Rescue! to rescue us. (Megan had a showdown with a bunch of yellowjackets!!!) Mike and Rob also demonstrated that the sun was BRUTAL. Megan at least came prepared with a proper sun hat.

Mike was amazed at the volume and diversity of these products that are made right here in Spokane. He has used the TrapStik for flies at his house, and it’s great that a product that gets sold everywhere was imagined and manufactured locally. The TrapStik uses the VisiLure technology as well, and the scientists at Rescue! apparently examined the retina of a fly to figure out what flies want to look at. The innovations at Rescue! are ingenious, and I can’t wait to test them out personally.

I also want to talk about an awesome community experience we got to share in with the Rescue! team: the Union Gospel Mission’s City-Wide Thanksgiving Dinner. We got the opportunity to document the occasion and create a Giving Tuesday video, thanks to Rescue! sponsoring the event. Thanks, Rescue!, we are proud to work with you and grateful for your commitment to the community and protecting us from pests.

P.S. I got the fly. But I would have gotten it sooner if I had a Disposable Fly Trap or TrapStik for Flies and saved myself three days of aggravation.

Alena Schoonmaker

Written By Alena

Alena is a writer, filmmaker, and office coordinator who brings a love of organization and a hatred of gluten to the Rogue Heart team. She volunteers her time at the Spokane International Film Festival as a film programmer and volunteer coordinator, where she enjoys bringing stories by diverse directors and writers about underserved communities to Spokane. Though a major cinephile, she also volunteers with animals at Pawsitive Outreach Spay/Neuter Advocates in Newport.

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