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September 15, 2018 by Megan

When we call Spokane “home,” I am reminded that for some in our city, Spokane is the only way to describe home. Some individuals have no physical address… they couch surf or yard camp with friends, or, when they have no one to offer them space, it can mean sleeping on the streets or in shelters with no claim of their own. Some of these people experiencing homelessness are only children. And while they may feel invisible to many in our community, there is a place they are welcome, safe, and seen.

This place is called Cup of Cool Water.

Since first coming to know “Cup,” as they are affectionately called, during an episode for PNW Differencemakers, to then capturing a bit of their story in 2017 for a fundraising event, we were recently invited back to dive a bit deeper. We had the chance to photograph and interview their team and be inspired by their outlook for growing their supportive programs for an even greater impact for area youth.

rogue heart media at cup of cool water

The team at Cup have an amazing heart for these youth, and are developing job training and mentorship opportunities to support new skills and new possibilities for the young people they serve (some of whom are parents themselves). Please watch the video, visit their Website, and consider if you or your company may be in a position to support the important work of Cup of Cool Water in our community.

cup of cool water team
cup of cool water team
cup of cool water team
cup of cool water team
cup of cool water team
cup of cool water team

We look forward to learning more from the young people who are touched by Cup and through the work at Cool Water Bikes. Good things are brewing.

Megan Kennedy

Written By Megan

With over 15 years of video production experience, Megan invests heart and mind into every project, from directing and editing national PSA campaigns, to producing complex human interest documentaries, to developing extensive digital and multimedia campaigns. She also leads the team’s photography services, specializing in crafted portraiture, product photography, and creative and conceptual imagery for marketing. She is an active member of Executive Women International, and she is dedicated to community stewardship through her work within the City of Spokane and North Monroe Business District. In 2015, she was named an Emerging Business Leader by Inland Business Catalyst magazine, and in 2018 won the Dussault Community Impact Award for her work and dedication in producing the documentary “A Walk Through Poverty.”

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