New Level of Crazy

New Office & New People

November 14, 2018 by Rob

There are SO many things happening right now. Our studio looked like this a few months ago…

Spokane graffiti art

Then a couple weeks ago it looked like this…

studio remodel

And as of today it looks like this. We have a ways to go, obviously…

Studio Spokane

The update is mostly exterior at this point (because we started on the interior when we purchased the building), but there are a couple of things we’re working on inside that have moved some desks in odd places. It is like playing a mix between musical chairs and Tetris.

office desk
office space

Personally, I get really excited about the space. As someone that use to do this type of work from home, it’s amazing just how much planned use of intentional space can influence our productivity. It’s so much more than just a place to house our cameras and edit suites. But the reason I get most excited about the studio update is what it will allow us to do: GROW. We are excited to grow our team and strengthen our culture. ‘What’ you do is always going to be better (more intentional, thoughtful, passionate) if there is a ‘Why’ that runs deep, so we are grateful to have grown to a point where we are building a space that allows us to pull in more folks that share our ‘Why.’

Profile Picture

In the midst of construction last month, we hired a new employees: Alena. She shares a lot of our values and is now part of the family. The amount of energy in the space the last two weeks is still taking some getting use to, and I wonder if the feeling of awe will ebb or if this is just the new norm. Because it’s so new, I had to grab the GoPro and try to capture a bit of the excitement and crazy.

We’re are so psyched for what is happening here at Rogue Heart and maybe a little anxious about the pace of growth and what is coming in the next wave of work… I wouldn’t be surprised if we add a couple more mug shots on our team page in 2019. Oh, and, if you were wondering from the video, Megan’s lunch was a dehydrated potato chicken soup, thanks to the valve on the InstaPot pressure cooker getting stuck to open. Yum. 😆


Written By Rob

Rob has 16 years of experience in information technology, from traditional programming and leading a department at a prominent international software company to more nontraditional roles integrating technology into new industries. He is also a Marketing Practitioner and is committed to the Rogue Heart mission of creating Media that Matters; helping clients establish relevant KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and measuring the impact and success of campaigns.

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