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Neighborhood Credit Union Delivers on Kindness

August 27, 2021 by Alicia

With so many banks, credit unions and quirky alternatives available now, determining factors may stray outside of the monetary realm when choosing a financial institution. While many institutions offer flexible rates, enticing loan options and excellent service, Spokane City Credit Union (SCCU) goes above and beyond on delivering kindness.

With deep roots in Spokane history, they are constantly finding ways to give back and connect with the community. SCCU’s President, Gene, and his small but mighty staff are a dream team to work with, and as the newest member of #TeamRogueHeart it’s been a privilege to get to know them and work to build their online presence and messaging.

Community is a $50 Word
I was first made aware of SCCU’s community-centered Giving Loans while watching initial drafts of this Loans & Libraries video. As a dedicated hoarder* of books, I was not only impressed with the efforts of this local credit union to connect with the Spokane Public Library Foundation, but also the genuine relationships that Gene fosters through community involvement. Walking into the SCCU lobby feels like walking into your friendly neighborhood hangout spot, where everybody knows your name. SCCU has a saying, “We put our money where our heart is” and it shows.

When a member takes out a Giving Loan, the institution donates $50 in the member’s name to a cause of their choice. Spokane Public Libraries, Spokane Parks Foundation, and Children’s Miracle Network are just a few of the many charitable organizations that have benefited from this program.

Walking the Walk
As a nonprofit institution, SCCU sees the value in uplifting causes, both economical and environmental. In fact, they believe so much in the work of Water Wise Spokane’s sustainability efforts that Gene signed the branch up to be the first ever commercial SpokaneScape.

In 2018, SCCU replaced 3,229 square feet of lawn with native, water-efficient landscaping. They love their yard so much that they now offer two Water Wise Landscape Loans so members can have delightful, drought-resistant yards at home, too. It is incredible to witness and share the stories of partnerships like this one.

Jack A. Lope
You may notice a majestic fellow in the SCCU lobby, or recognize him from SCCU’s social media pages. Jack A. Lope is the official SCCU Promotions Director, and quite honestly, the most marvelous mascot I have ever seen. He is just the cherry on top of the people-driven credit union that makes a difference, one member at a time.

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*I, Alicia, promise to drop off a few hoarded books at the SCCU Little Library.

Alicia Villa

Written By Alicia

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