Maggie Stickers for the Win!

Get your sticker-fix on with one of our signature magpies

April 20, 2020 by Greta

One good thing that has come out of 2020… we grew our Rogue Heart sticker collection to include Mini Maggies! These little nuggets are fun-size versions of our full logo and it’s been fun to see them stuck in even more unique places and spaces! The team has had arguably too much fun with our “Maggie, the Magpie” stickers in general…  Before COVID-19, most visitors to our studio office ended up leaving with one of our large lens-style logo stickers, which we boldly encouraged folks to slap it on their car windows, laptop computers, water bottles, notebooks, or whatever. The design’s simplicity may leave those not in the know wondering – Why a Magpie? But YOU know: for you are in the inner circle with your fellow Rogues, celebrating creativity and cleverness and a whimsical INW pride. Glad to have you with us!

But wait…. do you have a Maggie sticker yet? No??? Well, now is your chance (and who doesn’t love a bit of mail during Quarantine?)

Maggie the Magpie stickers make a great addition to seemingly ANY growing collection of stickers (or a sticker to place on any growing collection of… well, anything) and it is so much fun to see our signature mascot stuck to the personal property of our fellow Rogues. Like looking ultra cool on Lachlan’s beloved Grave Digger (below). Well stuck, Lachlan!

We like to think of it as catching sight of our company’s impact “in the wild” – whether we spot Maggie at one of our favorite North Monroe Business District haunts or simply included in someone’s personal collage, it warms our hearts to see!

We are excited to share the Maggie love and keep our network of Rogues growing, so we are sending full & mini magpie stickers to fellow enthusiasts (while supplies last, of course) – Simply send us a note at or DM us on Instagram, and we’ll hook you up with your very own Maggie to stick pretty much anywhere…

All these Maggie Magpies are printed by the lovely folks over at Sticker Mule, and it a delight to support this exceptional company! Their logo stickers are seriously awesome and their newsletters downright hilarious at times… more than we can say for our own. But hey, Mules or Magpies, we’re all in this together, and we all love stickers… that’s good enough for me.

As ever, thank YOU for cheering-on the work we do here at Rogue Heart, and we hope to catch sight of lots more Maggies around town (and beyond) very soon! Tag us in your posts once you’ve stuck em, and please stick responsibly. Be well, stay safe and see you around Spokane!

Greta Carlson

Written By Greta

With a background in media and digital marketing, Greta layers her love of storytelling into every campaign strategy and creative project. Her career began on film industry sets and since then has advanced into the communications field to direct comprehensive marketing strategies in numerous industries in order to grow and evolve digital impact. You can usually find her drinking coffee, skiing the local slopes, enjoying the magic of the movies, traveling the world, or palling around with her dog Moose.

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