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March 2, 2022 by Luke

I’ve been an avid consumer of documentaries my whole life. From a constant stream of PBS and The Discovery Channel as a child, to devouring what feels like thousands of documentaries on streaming platforms today… This interest in nonfiction storytelling led me to work in photojournalism for the majority of my time at Gonzaga, where I was lucky enough to photograph many of the school’s prominent figures and even travel to photograph the 2019 NCAA basketball tournament. The time I spent with other student journalists made the power of stories clear to me.

Having spent a considerable amount of time in school working on issue-oriented projects like a documentary on Spokane’s housing crisis, I knew that I’d prefer to find work in a socially conscious environment. When my time working with fellow students came to an end, I assumed that there was no way I would find a position in media production that was both hands-on and supported causes that I could fully get behind. I expected to navigate compromise wherever I looked for a job and for a while this appeared to be the case. This is why I didn’t think twice when Megan reached out about applying at Rogue Heart Media SPC.

Within a week of starting here, I got to work on shoots with multiple organizations that I remain incredibly excited about, including Compassionate Addiction Treatment Spokane and their executive director Hallie Berchinal. Hallie spoke last year at a Humans for Housing march that I had helped organize and promote. Having heard her story and goals previously, filming with Hallie in just my first week at RHM made it clear that this was the right place for me. Amplifying the powerful voices and stories of individuals who are frequently overlooked is something that I’m passionate about, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue working with CAT Spokane!

My creative values have always been rooted in curiosity. Curiosity is what has fueled my desire to be a lifelong learner and consistently examine the ways I can bring more creativity to the work that I’m doing. Curiosity drives me toward what I’d consider to be one of my core interests: people. I love hearing people’s stories and learning about what others do and are passionate about, which has one of my strongest driving forces to work in nonfiction media for the last 4 years as a photographer, writer, and filmmaker. Curiosity also means appreciating the complexity and depth of any topic, careful consideration and nuanced exposition are a must when working in nonfiction. Ultimately, curiosity also means an interest in the impact and creative method of work. It’s incredibly important to me that I frequently ask myself: “Is this the best way to be doing what I’m doing?”

I see a lot of this reflected in the values of Rogue Heart. I think that each of these values contributes to media that makes a difference. I think that any work aimed at making a genuine impact with a broad audience must be made with an adventurous spirit, have an authentic, heartfelt, and compelling human element, consider and address the complexity of our world, and also be made with a broad impact in mind.

It’s been a true pleasure getting to dive right into work with Rogue Heart. After most of a year in Seattle after graduating from GU, moving back to this side of the state feels right. I think Spokane is a city that shows its best qualities to the people that care for it, and I’m already starting to see that RHM and its clients care deeply about Spokane and its community.

You can show your support for CAT Spokane by helping them with the move to their new location, supplying coffee for their community members, and making a financial donation to help fund their services. Find more details and stay updated by giving them a follow on Facebook or Instagram.

Luke Kenneally

Written By Luke

With a passion for impactful stories, Luke brings a background in photojournalism and issue - based documentaries to his position as one of the team’s nonfiction filmmakers. Luke comes from Kent, WA with a recent degree from Gonzaga University in Communications with Minors in Visual Literacy and Jazz Performance. When not behind a camera or computer, you can find him enjoying Washington’s many mountains, photographing just about anything, or serenading his neighbors’ extremely tired ears with his trombone.

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