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Working on EWI's 2018 Magazine

November 26, 2018 by Alena

Rogue Heart has been a member firm of EWI (Executive Women International) since May of 2012. Being a part of EWI is very rewarding for us, so when we had the chance to help put together EWI’s annual magazine, we jumped at the opportunity.

The 2018 edition of EWI’s annual magazine came out last Wednesday, November 21, in the Spokane Journal of Business. We got to watch it from its beginning to its end: from the articles coming in from our fellow member representatives to proofing the final layout at the Journal’s office (that was a super fun field trip!). The Journal was so welcoming to us and put so much effort into the layout, and we’re also really excited that our EWI magazine will be available on their website for a year! And this year’s magazine was really fun because there were so many personal stories. So many of our member representatives got to write from their unique perspectives and talk about their experiences with EWI.

spokane journal of business

We’re proud to be in EWI because it’s a premier women’s leadership organization, meeting monthly at peer to peer events made up of strong, capable women from diverse backgrounds and member firms. Megan is so grateful for the connections she has made, “I get to make friends with great women and men in the Spokane area, some that I look up to and some that I can mentor. The most rewarding thing about being in EWI is the relationships. I’ve made great friends, discovered wonderful vendors, and created lasting client relationships that have led to commercial projects.”

It’s also great to see all of our member firms’ ads that all of the Spokane Journal of Business readers also get to see! Our ad was really exciting for us for a couple of reasons. It’s the repurposed photo from our holiday card last year featuring Megan, Rob, and Mike, and the background was made up of work we’ve done with other EWI member firms. But because our team is growing (that’s me!), the card is already outdated. And that’s exciting!

spokane journal of business

Another perk of working on the magazine was helping to create the cover of the magazine. Megan had a great time working with Sarae Boyer of Pure Magic Media , “She’s a wonderful collaborator. She’s fun and creative, and she really goes the extra mile when you’re working with her.” Sarae designed the layout and Megan created the composite photo (it looks like one image but it’s actually made up of at least ten separate photos).

spokane journal of business

We put in a lot of work on this year’s magazine because we wanted to create a magazine that we could be proud of. And we are. Pick up a copy from the Spokane Journal of Business or check it out on their website!

Alena Schoonmaker

Written By Alena

Alena is a writer, filmmaker, and office coordinator who brings a love of organization and a hatred of gluten to the Rogue Heart team. She volunteers her time at the Spokane International Film Festival as a film programmer and volunteer coordinator, where she enjoys bringing stories by diverse directors and writers about underserved communities to Spokane. Though a major cinephile, she also volunteers with animals at Pawsitive Outreach Spay/Neuter Advocates in Newport. She’s excited to apply her years of copyediting experience to Rogue Heart Media, and assist in creating systems for optimizing the creative workflow.

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