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#TeamRogueHeart's New Graphic Designer Extraordinaire

August 17, 2021 by Alicia

Since joining the amazing Rogue Heart Media squad a few months ago, I have found a renewed sense of optimism that I had lost sight of during the pandemic. Laying hands on so many diverse projects has fully reactivated my left brain and Rogue Heart is truly the type of environment that keeps me creatively fresh.

While studying in the EWU Graphic Design program, my professors often assigned work that focused on impact. We were trained to question our product from every angle. Who is this for? What does it do? Why does it do that? Is it accessible? Does it scale?

Many of my first, in-class client experiences were collaborations with local nonprofits and public programs which otherwise would not have been able to secure their own visual design resources. This was mind-blowing. After all, these were the organizations who could benefit the most from a group of early designers eager to see their work IRL. Post-graduation, the reality of corporate jobs, student debt and an unstable economy set in, but as a true blessing in disguise, COVID-19 layoffs (yes, multiple) kicked open the door of timely opportunity and led me to Rogue Heart.

Not only do I get to write, design and strategize in tandem with a cohort of wonderfully talented people every weekday, I get to do it for causes that I stand behind.

Alicia smiling with camera

*Queue air horns, biodegradable confetti, parades.*

This is HUGE. I love being part of the accessible design movement, where solid branding and visual identity is becoming less elite and more supportive of necessary causes.

salmon release in little spokane river

Recently, I accompanied Jazmine and Megan on an opportunity to visually document the first release of Chinook Salmon to the Little Spokane River in 111 years. You could tell from the atmosphere that this event was an intensely heartfelt experience for everyone attending. Words, blessings, and songs from members of the Spokane Tribe drove home the true meaning and just how essential community support is to grow and develop unity.  A combined effort of the Spokane Tribe of Indians, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife and the Inland Northwest Land Conservancy, among others, this occasion could not happen without partnership and genuine advocacy.

I am so excited to spend my days growing both professionally and personally at Rogue Heart, talking the talk and walking the walk.

Alicia Villa

Written By Alicia

One part designer, one part writer and one part salsa-making machine, Alicia is passionate about the role of digital media in society and how we consume it. She rounds out Rogue Heart’s team with her clean graphic design skills and punchy copywriting, along with creative collaboration and content marketing support. In her free time she likes to take photos, pet dogs, drink good beer and spend too much money on plants that may not survive the winter.

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