First week at Rogue Heart Media

Welcome to the Team Mike!

February 7, 2017 by Mike

When I was asked to give an update to the blog, my first reaction was total fear. I’m not a writer! The truth of the matter is, I’m kind of redefining who I am in general, so why not give this a shot.

My name Is Mike Robison. I am the newest Employee at Rogue Heart Media. You might have seen a post on our Facebook page about me. Technically, I began working for Rogue Heart back in February on a part time basis. August 14th my part time situation became full time.

In my prior life I had worked as an Antique vehicle restoration mechanic. It is still a passion of mine, but after 17 years I decided to take up another hobby (Video production and editing).  I found my interest of video through the platform of Youtube. I started a Vlog posting on a daily basis. My Kids are young (Brooke 4, Lachlan 1) and they are changing by the day. I wanted to capture this moment in time. Being quite involved in the Antique Car Hobby I found it very easy to incorporate this aspect into the videos I made.

Mike Robison Vlog

As things tend to do, my new hobby started to get a bit addicting. I enjoyed capturing moments, learning how to use my camera, learning editing software, and learning how to tell a story. I was spending many hours each day expanding my knowledge. Often working 8 hours a day, coming home spending 4+ hours doing a video project, then spending another 2-6 hours editing. This leads to many 2am bedtimes then starting all over again in the morning.

My first week is a bit different than probably many other people’s first week at a new job, only because my week has been 6 months in the making. Some of the highlights have included a video shoot for Whitworth University, working on our series PNW Difference makers, and various other shoots for local small businesses.

Rogue Heart Behind the scenes

The video production world is constantly evolving with new forms of media, new hardware, new software, and new ideas. Truly a big change from my last job.  

Mike Robison

Written By Mike

As an FAA certified remote pilot and camera operator, Mike crafts and captures the images that illustrate our stories, and he regularly monitors new gear and technology to make sure Rogue Heart stays ahead of the curve. Mike races and refurbishes antique Model Ts in his spare time, and is arguably the MacGyver of the shop, applying his mechanic’s mind to creative problem solving situations in the field and in the studio.

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