A Walk in Their Boots | Fire Ops 101 Video for SVFD

September 30, 2015 by Mallory


Few people have crawled through 650 degree heat, bearing all the weight of necessary fire-resistant gear, searching the darkness for a person awaiting rescue. Nor have many felt the weight of a fire hose shooting water at full blast, or cut open a car to extricate a person in need and racing the clock to perform emergency medical services. Understanding is at the heart of appreciation, which is why Spokane Valley Fire Department invited elected officials, members of the media, and community business leaders to participate in their first ever Fire Ops 101 event: to get a taste of what it really means to be a firefighter, yet in a safe and controlled situation.

While fire and smoke and slicing up cars is all very exciting, the goals of this SVFD video are very in line with the majority of the commercial videos we create. They are all intended to connect people to a story in a meaningful and compelling way. No matter what you do for a living, your job is certainly much more complex than someone else could possibly know unless they’ve been there—or unless you can adequately tell them about it. There is undoubtedly far more work that goes into the product you make, a more interesting history to your company, and more expertise in your staff, than your clientele and potential clientele are aware of. Video is by far the most effective way to show them what makes you and your company special.

SVFD has had extremely positive feedback about their Fire Ops 101 event and their video, and it has achieved their goal of promoting understanding and awareness of their work. How would you use video to help promote the story of your organization?

Mallory Battista

Written By Mallory

Mallory has a bachelor’s degree in Business and over 10 years of experience in marketing, print and Web design, brand development, copywriting, and creative promotional campaign development. Whether designing Web pages, print campaigns, or a start-up’s branding identity, she connects clients with truly unique creative design and the materials and media to best garner results.

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