PNW Difference Makers

A Social Media Experiment

April 19, 2017 by Megan


Episode one is now posted! We learned a lot in this initial filming and quick-edit turnaround! Watch, enjoy, get involved! We would love to see you at the studio with a donation, and to chat with you about this new project!

Is it just me, or is social media often anything but. In a realm where everyone is self-promoting, shouting for attention, and engaging often disingenuously in the hunt for more followers, likes, and comments… it left me hungry for REAL conversation. How can we use these great social media tools that are at our disposal in a way the makes a measurable impact in the community we live in? Could real in-person conversation be integrated in a way that would make social media less of a chore and more fulfilling? Selfishly, I’d like to find out.

Introducing PNW Difference Makers, a conversational video series focused on timely community engagement. This is an experiment in building awareness for people’s passions and efforts to make an impact in Spokane and the surrounding region, while also showcasing opportune ways to engage in your community and ultimately make a difference. Some of these ways will be online, and others will be out in the sunlight, on the streets, and among your fellows. Because that’s what “being social” is meant to be.

We’ll be connecting through casual interviews with local leaders, business professionals, innovative artists, quiet philosophers, passionate activists, and dedicated entrepreneurs who answer the call to be a difference maker here in the PNW. We hope you’ll join in the conversation.

PNW Difference Makers

First up, we’ll learn straight from conversation with Rachel of Orange Thyme WHY we felt so passionately about sharing her products with you all at the MarCom Spark Awards this year, as our sweet swag solution and PNW Difference Makers launch. And what of the actionable activism opportunity to make a difference in Spokane? Well, we discussed that, too. And Rachel kicked us off with a wonderful donation herself (hint on the big screen behind us). We’ll be sharing the video on 4/21/17, so be sure to do the social media thing and follow us here or here , or simply swing back by the blog. And we’ll see where this thing grows… thanks for taking a risk with us, and adventuring on.

PNW Difference Makers

If you know of a PNW Difference Maker in your life that you believe should be featured, connect with us. This is a product of the heart, and we want to collaborate with others who have a spirit for giving to make this a truly special project. #PNWdifferencemakers

Megan Kennedy

Written By Megan

Megan is an award-winning photographer and videographer with over 10 years of video production experience, from directing and editing national PSA campaigns to producing feature-length documentaries. Video is Megan’s long-time passion, and her extensive work has been internationally distributed and has won many industry awards for excellence in production and storytelling. Megan also leads the team’s photography services, specializing in portraiture, product photography, event coverage, and creative photography for Web design. She is an active member of Executive Women International, volunteering much of her time as a their Director of Communication. In 2015, she was named an Emerging Business Leader by Inland Business Catalyst magazine, and she is dedicated to community stewardship through her work with the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council, North Monroe Advisory Board, and North Monroe Business District.

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