Chowing Down in Liberty Lake

with Visit Spokane!

December 18, 2018 by Alena

I had never been on a shoot with Rogue Heart, but I’m so glad my first one was our Visit Spokane shoot for dining destinations in Liberty Lake. Visit Spokane has worked with us to create videos before that showcase the amazing restaurants, activities, and outdoor beauty that Spokane has to offer, and, when they reached out to us to capture footage to update the Liberty Lake: Dining Destinations video, we were more than happy to oblige. It’s always a pleasure to work with a client who loves Spokane as much (if not more) than we do.

I did not know what to expect with Megan and Mike at four locations and on Spokane’s first properly snowy day this year. We’ve been planning this shoot for awhile, but we were not planning on snow! Basically, nothing happened quite as we expected it to, but it all came out perfectly anyway.

Our first location, The Well, was bustling at 9 AM. It has a beautiful and creative interior: the hanging lights and chandeliers and plush furniture and classic tables. Another beautiful part of The Well was its walls: striking art adorns The Well, created by its proprietor, Natalie Kemp Gauvin. Megan and Mike had just started getting footage of the restaurant/coffee shop including this delicious gluten-free cake that Natalie was baking.

I had a bite, and it was incredible! Her customers were all a little nervous to be on camera (I know I would be a few hours later), but everyone was a good sport and let us take pictures of their food. We got our extras some drinks (a couple of rich coffees and a chai tea), and we got everything we needed in about an hour. It’s really important to us, as a small business, to make sure that we don’t inconvenience other small businesses when we’re shooting (or at least we try not to inconvenience them for very long). We get in and get out and we don’t shut anybody down.

At our second location, Just Chillin’ Eats & Sweets, they let us in before they were even open for the day (it was about 11 AM). We got to check out the new features that they added since we’d last been there. It was impressive! My favorite snack food was in abundance because they have a new popcorn maker, and they installed some cold cases full of tasty baked goods (like Oreo cheesecake). We know they’re tasty because they gave us some slices. Thank you, Just Chillin’!

Next, we went to Fujiyama with our biggest crowd of extras.

We met Chef Rich and Shanon, and they set everybody up with front row seats for some thrilling teppanyaki showmanship! Our extras had steak and shrimp, scallops, chicken, calamari, and salmon. They couldn’t stop eating the sumptuous teppanyaki feast except when they were applauding Chef Rich for his juggling and flame-throwing grill skills.

Our last stop for the day was at Pho Liberty. First, they fed us an incredible meal. Mike had Yakisoba, Megan and I had Bun, and Kaylen from Visit Spokane had the famous Pho! They also brought us  fresh spring rolls with some of the best peanut sauce we have ever tasted (truly, the frosting of sauces). Then we stopped gorging ourselves and got back to work. We loved getting shots of the  enticing food and hated getting to smell the food but not take a bite (even though we were stuffed).

Our extra had a steaming bowl of traditional pho, delectable crab rangoons, and more spring rolls while I drank a refreshing strawberry bubble tea. I was still really full, but I strongly considered making off with her lunch.

I’m not saying that we had to be rolled back to the car after a day of exquisite food, but… well, yeah, I guess I’m saying that.

Thank you to the generous small business owners who invited us into their restaurants and shared the fabulous food and atmosphere with us. We can’t wait for Visit Spokane to invite us on another shoot. See our updated video for the Dining Scene of Liberty Lake, Washington below!

P.S. Can you believe that Megan let me put two GIFs of raccoons in this blog post? Me neither!

Alena Schoonmaker

Written By Alena

Alena is a writer, filmmaker, and office coordinator who brings a love of organization and a hatred of gluten to the Rogue Heart team. She volunteers her time at the Spokane International Film Festival as a film programmer and volunteer coordinator, where she enjoys bringing stories by diverse directors and writers about underserved communities to Spokane. Though a major cinephile, she also volunteers with animals at Pawsitive Outreach Spay/Neuter Advocates in Newport. She’s excited to apply her years of copyediting experience to Rogue Heart Media, and assist in creating systems for optimizing the creative workflow.

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