Bright, Blazing Spark Awards

We are honored and humbled to by our regional campaign wins

August 18, 2020 by Greta

To be awarded a high-level accolade from a group of professional peers is amazing and humbling.  As my father would say, you feel “busting buttons proud.” That the accomplishment is shared makes it all the sweeter, seeing our clients and the quality of work celebrated makes the experiences shared shine all the brighter.

Rogue Heart Media felt all those amazing feels at the recent Spark Awards, which the Spokane Regional MarCom Association hosted virtually. Although the annual event is typically an in-person evening soiree, this year’s celebratory gathering pivoted into the online realm in order to accommodate the safety recommendations in-place during the time of COVID-19. And while the guests convened via video conference, rather than around cocktail tables, the spirit of celebration was as alive as ever, and the attendees and hosts simply crackled with excitement. Sparks were certainly in the air!

Megan and Rori tuning into the Zoom event to accept the Blaze Award

Surrounded by exceptional local talent and highly impressive showcases from so many of our fellow marketing and communications teams, Rogue Heart was presented with a Spark Award of Excellence along with the Brightest Spark Award for our 2019 video piece for Spokane Arts. We were thrilled that the panel of judges were moved by the innovation, creativity and community dynamics  showcased in the video project, and we were delighted to share the double-win with our Spokane Arts partners.

At the peak of the virtual event, it was announced that Rogue Heart had also won the Blaze Award (for the highest scoring entry / Best of Show) for our Water Stewardship campaign with the City of Spokane Water Department! A truly tremendous honor for our team, and immeasurably rewarding to be recognized for all the work we had invested into a comprehensive and multifaceted long-term campaign aimed at reducing overall water consumption at the local level. As that hard work continues, that moment of celebration was wonderful fuel!


As an added bonus, those who have been awarded the annual Kindling, Blaze, and Dussault Community Impact Awards are invited to speak at the monthly MarCom program following the Spark Awards, so this year Rogue Heart joined our fellow award winners for the virtual event on the morning of Friday, June 5th (mugs of coffee were most certainly in-hand)! The program included a prerecorded presentation from each of the three winners, speaking to their respective project objectives and resulting takeaways, followed by a combined Q&A session with all of the event attendees (watch ours / learn more about the Water Conservation Campaign here). The full slate of content from the event was awesome, and we loved hearing insights from the other featured Spark Award winners, Stephanie Regalado of Spokane Coeur D’Alene Living magazine, as well as the coalition who produced the End The Violence campaign.

#TeamRogueHeart has been a long-time supporter and fan of Spokane’s MarCom organization – and not simply because they offer opportunities to be the “Bacon Sponsor” at their regular monthly breakfast programs (although… that’s a pretty good reason to support a local nonprofit now that I think about it…) but also because they offer unique opportunities to connect with other marketing and communications professionals, as well as provide high-quality speakers from around the region who lead presentations and interactive training sessions on everything from best practices industry-wide, to focused deep-dives into specific strategies and solutions. MarCom is set to launch an entire slate of virtual-only networking and professional development presentation events for the full 2020/2021 programming year, and we hope you’ll join us in joining them – virtual coffee and bacon anyone!?

Rogue Heart has also benefited from the Internship program facilitated by MarCom, and have hosted two awesome summer interns in our studio – we still miss you Kody and Amanda! For many years, we have volunteered our photography services to capture portraits at both the Spark Awards events themselves, as well as the drop-off party prior to the big night! And while Rogue Heart has been represented on the MarCom Board for many years in the Visual Communications and Graphic Design seat, now we rock the Communications chair position and support their digital correspondence, social media channels, and website development efforts. It’s an altogether wonderful commitment and a way to connect with the good work of other professionals and students in our community. Looking forward to seeing what 2021 will bring.

Greta Carlson

Written By Greta

With a background in media and digital marketing, Greta layers her love of storytelling into every campaign strategy and creative project. Her career began on film industry sets and since then has advanced into the communications field to direct comprehensive marketing strategies in numerous industries in order to grow and evolve digital impact. You can usually find her drinking coffee, skiing the local slopes, enjoying the magic of the movies, traveling the world, or palling around with her dog Moose.

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