Ben Palpant Author Photos & Book Trailer

August 28, 2014 by Mallory

Photography book art
It was an inspiring process working with local author Ben Palpant on creating a book trailer for his debut memoir. He wanted a very cinematic trailer that would be as powerful as his story. When he described the setting that he was imagining, we knew we had to work with our friends down at the Steamplant, right here in Spokane. It was perfect. And how often do you get to toss birds off of rooftops? Almost never. (No animals were harmed.)

Check out Ben’s book trailer below, and learn more about his new book “A Small Cup of Light” here.

We also captured a variety of author photos for Ben to use on his website and in his promotional materials.

Photography book artPhotography book artPhotography book art


Mallory Battista

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