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How Spokane Arts is making art accessible for everyone

January 17, 2020 by Kevin

It may sound snobbish, but I’m pretty deep into art now… and for this new ultra-cool level of sophistication that I have achieved, I must give credit to working with Spokane Arts for the last several months.

I was tasked with editing an overview video for the Spokane Arts crew, (a lovely bunch, I must say), that captured the swathe of programming, disciplines, and opportunities available throughout Spokane, and the impact that the organization has on the community. Easy enough, right? Little did I know, that would include doing interviews from one side of  the city to the other, walking from neighborhood pub to nearby park listening to poetry while enjoying a few local brews, running through the Fox and Bing theaters to film a wide range of theater productions, talking to individual artists from all over the world about the story behind their craft, and enjoying a lot of yummy snacks, too. What can I say, it’s a rough gig, but someone has got to do it.

I’d like to think that before working on this project, I had a pretty good pulse on Spokane’s art scene. Turns out there is so much more going on below the surface than I realized! There are many incredible, world-class artists who are sharing their art with our community if you only know where to look.  Spokane Arts is that bridge between artist and art lover; they do all the heavy lifting to create spaces and time for art to be shared and enjoyed effortlessly, and all the while nurture the next generation of budding artists as well. All Spokanites have to do is show up and engage, and maybe even meet some of your neighbors while you get a double-dose of culture. What’s not to love? #letsattend

Working with Spokane Arts definitely made me more proud to live in Spokane. I discovered a thriving arts scene and passionate people that love Spokane and art of all disciplines, as well as places for me to plug in and find my own slice of belonging.

Check out the video we put together for them via our most recent vlog:

I may actually still be a long way from being an aficionado when it comes to art, but if you are interested in the life-giving power that only the arts can provide – and meeting some amazing artists and people while you do it – I’d encourage you to give Spokane Arts a look. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Kevin Strickland

Written By Kevin

Kevin returned home to Spokane after gaining his BA in Digital Arts from Vanguard University of Southern California, and shares a deep love of narrative-driven storytelling. Before sitting down to edit with us at Rogue Heart, he remembers setting the beat on a drum kit here back when our humble studio was actually a music recording studio. He also rocks out in the field, supporting productions as a camera operator and stills photographer.

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