Art, Hockey, and Breast Cancer Awareness

Promotional Video for Every Woman Can

February 27, 2017 by Megan

On Saturday, the Spokane Chiefs embraced a warm pink glow for their Mike’s Hard Lemonade Breast Cancer Awareness Night & Helmet Give, as they faced off against the Tri-City Americans. Wearing special pink-accented jerseys (later auctioned to benefit breast cancer research and support), the players and the festivities made breast cancer awareness impossible to ignore and universally celebrated in the arena. It was an incredible sight!


Saturday’s game also represented a serendipitous evolution of events for us. As small business owners and parents of young kiddos, it is often a tall order to get out to fun events like a hockey game, but we were extended the invitation to enjoy the game from one of the suites by dear friends who looked forward to talking business, and who ALSO have young children. With minimal free time, the hockey match was a fantastic chance to let the kids run around the suite and watch the game, while also discussing some upcoming collaborations! All-around WIN!


Well, it so happened that another client of ours, East Farms STEAM Magnet School, had the opportunity to share their work through a :60 video broadcast at the game through their collaboration with Every Woman Can! Amazing how things work out, we were informed of the opportunity with a few days notice, filmed the call-to-action on Friday morning, and submitted the video file to the Chiefs by end-of-day Friday for screening on Saturday.

The fact that we had the opportunity to be at the game and see the video screened, wearing our pink beads and ribbon t-shirt, was an added bonus. Almost worked out too perfectly!


Stay tuned for the final video of Sami and her kids’ art installation at the Steam Plant, kicking off on April 21st! And be sure to register for the Pink Ribbon Run with Every Woman Can on April 23rd. We’ll be there for sure! And we’ll see if our son Dane is as big of a fan of running as he is of hockey!


Megan Kennedy

Written By Megan

Megan is an award-winning photographer and videographer with over 10 years of video production experience, from directing and editing national PSA campaigns to producing feature-length documentaries. Video is Megan’s long-time passion, and her extensive work has been internationally distributed and has won many industry awards for excellence in production and storytelling. Megan also leads the team’s photography services, specializing in portraiture, product photography, event coverage, and creative photography for Web design. She is an active member of Executive Women International, volunteering much of her time as a their Director of Communication. In 2015, she was named an Emerging Business Leader by Inland Business Catalyst magazine, and she is dedicated to community stewardship through her work with the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council, North Monroe Advisory Board, and North Monroe Business District.

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