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A legacy industrial supply company on the cutting edge

January 14, 2020 by Mike

Operating with integrity and a commitment to quality and customer care are critical to running a long-lasting business – and Aronson-Campbell Industrial Supply, Inc. probably knows this better than anyone. Founded in Seattle in 1890 (back when our fair City was still named “Spokane Falls”), Aronson-Campbell has a rich history of serving the PNW as an industrial supply company, with roots that extend deep into the aerospace, firearm, and machining industries as well as growing into the robust manufacturing community which has built much of the economy in the Northwest region over the past 130 years.

We met the Aronson-Campbell team through a longtime and mutual professional partner, Katie Mackay of MacKay Manufacturing. The crew at Aronson-Campbell were in need of a more robust Web presence and were ready to tiptoe into the digital marketing world. Our team at Rogue Heart was excited to take that leap with them, starting with imagery and video content that illustrates their strengths and values for their customer base.

Aronson-Campbell hopes to increase awareness of a niche offering that the company was looking to expand: custom machine tool grinding and tailored machine tool catalogs for manufacturing. Truly, the team’s excitement for what they are able to offer and create is contagious. Aronson-Campbell’s in-house grind shop produces custom, singular and unique tooling every day, and is also equipped to modify pre-manufactured pieces to tool locker solutions from Kennametal and CribMaster for added customer cost-savings in high-volume use environments.

Our initial cornerstone projects have included producing video and photography creative assets, such as an introductory company overview video (above), as well as a testimonial from Katie (below). Both of these pieces aim to help grow awareness of this long-tenured company, from the strengths of their people and the depth of their experience, increase clarity of their services and products, and greatly expand their digital presence to further flex their credibility and legacy.

In addition to the video assets, hundreds of photos were taken to help build-out and develop new business channels on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Aronson-Campbell is new to the social media world, but they are already making an impact among fans of their work within the industry, as well as business connections up to the corporate level. We are excited to continue supporting their team and adapting strategies as they grow their marketing goals.

Being able to capture the capabilities  and unique offerings of this inspiring company has been a pleasure for us here at Rogue Heart. We look forward to more authentic and fun content creation opportunities, seeing their social reach expand, celebrating their successes and hopefully sharing a few more laughs along the way. Please take a moment to check out their social channels and feel free to connect!

Mike Robison

Written By Mike

As an FAA certified remote pilot and camera operator, Mike crafts and captures the images that illustrate our stories, and he regularly monitors new gear and technology to make sure Rogue Heart stays ahead of the curve. Mike races and refurbishes antique Model Ts in his spare time, and is arguably the MacGyver of the shop, applying his mechanic’s mind to creative problem solving situations in the field and in the studio.

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