Live Your Values, Name Your Strengths

March 27, 2020 by Megan

rogue heart conference room


What a strange and challenging time.

Our conference room sits empty, our love of lively in-person development meetings on hold for now. We keep the creativity strong through video chats from remote home offices, knowing that these changes and the additional screen time won’t last forever.  We seek the silver linings. We talk about springtime weather. Kids and pups make brief appearances, and we all watch the strain on our City and the world take many forms. This roller coaster has been scarier for some of our neighbors, forced to rethink their entire operational structure or in some cases to close up shop due to government mandate. We worry for health and jobs and community.  We sincerely hope that through collective diligence we can keep our city strong – both in response to this crisis as well as in support for each other.

The world has gone a bit topsy-turvy, but I am proud of the responsible and resourceful attitudes of our team members. We are continuing to cultivate meaningful work with new and longtime partners. We prioritized the time earlier this year to dive deep into discussion of our company values, work that I believe more than ever will be our guiding light in this uncertain space we find ourselves in. What fuels us at Rogue Heart, what brings a sense of purpose and shapes our culture, played out in the values below:

Be Adventurous. Live & Create with a sense of Adventure
Celebrate People. Our people, our clients, their people, their clients… everyone
Appreciate Complexity. Recognize the full worth of Listening & Context
Leverage for Good.  What can we do to maximize the use and impact of our work?

If the four values above are our compass, then the five strengths below are the way in which we blaze our trail.

These words that decorate our conference room, I’ve come to lovingly think of as the core strengths that we bring to our projects. They are benchmarks for how we bring our unique best to any given shoot, interaction, campaign, or deliverable. They are how we show up for our partners, creatively and relationally.

core strengths - adaptive
Our strengths are tested even in the best of times. Naming them and using them in challenging times is what we are each called to do, on both a personal and professional level.

At Rogue Heart, our creative work is:

  • COLLABORATIVE: This strength is intrinsically part of Rogue Heart, yet logistically it will be put to the test, as we are no longer simply walking around the corner to discuss an idea or question, or having a client in to host a development meeting. For now, we will lean on our devices to connect, and otherwise keep the creative processes as true to form as we can.
  • ADAPTIVE: Of all of our Core Strengths, this is felt most vitally these days. Our ability to be nimble to the near-constant change we are currently experiencing will serve us (and our clients) well.
  • COMPELLING: Our clients (new and ongoing) will be depending on us to think creatively and bring new ideas to the table. Compelling audiences to new understanding and action is what we love doing, and we will continue challenging ourselves to find opportunities to strengthen relevant messaging for those we serve.
  • HEARTFELT: If we continue to pour our hearts into our work, attuned to the needs of our community and clients, we will persevere. We bring immense value to our partners, in large part because we take on work we believe in, with people we believe in. This love for our clients and commitment to their goals is alive in our efforts and can be felt by audiences of our finished works. We truly care, and that sets us apart.
  • AUTHENTIC: We are true to ourselves, and help clients behave the same. If that means goofy and playful, great. If it means serious or impassioned, academic or edgy, we’re celebrating real people where they are, how they are. And I think that is pretty fantastic.

Our team is still hard at work, and we are thankful for every project and campaign that we have the privilege to apply our minds and hearts to. We are committed to our client partners and to our community, and we will continue to serve both with gratitude.

In this uncertain season, if there is a need that you encounter that we can help with in some way, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We love a creative challenge and the chance to support others in living their values and naming their strengths. We are in this together, and we all must do what we can…  keeping our compass close to heart.

Megan Kennedy

Written By Megan

With over 20 years of video production experience, Megan invests heart and mind into every project, from directing and editing PSA campaigns, to producing complex human interest documentaries, to developing extensive digital and multimedia campaigns. She also leads the team’s photography services, specializing in crafted portraiture as well as creative and conceptual imagery for marketing. She is dedicated to community stewardship and placemaking, and her commitment to projects that make a difference guides Rogue Heart in its growth.

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