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May 26, 2015 by Megan

On a trip like this, survival is based on a flexible attitude. You simply cannot be prepared for everything that may happen to you along the way, and your best investment in planning may simply be to prepare to be adaptable.

For example, our Day 11 was our first one park day for a reason. Namely, the Winnie Warrior also had her first run in with road trouble. Not too long into our morning drive, but inconveniently a few miles past the last highway exit for a long while, I commented that I smelled a sickly-sweet fume, and Rob noticed a smoky stream billowing from our behind. For our old girl, I suppose it was bound to happen eventually.

Luckily Rob is pretty handy, and Winnie kept him busy for a while working to isolate and staunch the problem. Idle hands tend to reach for cameras in my family, so I recorded some of it. Why not, right?

So, aside from hiking and exploring at Beacon Rock, this little unplanned hazard-flashingly awesome adventure led to a level of tired that inspired us to take it a little easy for Day 12. We splurged on a hotel room near the coast in Aberdeen and vowed to catch up on media management and editing. This would be our first “day off,” which I put in actual quotation marks because I can’t make air quotes at you on the blog… and because we were technically still working, and planning to shoot one of our beach parks at sunset to boot. In the meantime, I sat at the computer, and the boys watched Harry Potter. Or one of them did.

Washington State Parks trip

As it turns out, after timing the roughly 12 mile drive to Westhaven, we arrived for sunset to find it shrouded in moody clouds, with pitiless winds whipping up the sand in a most cold and unwelcoming manner.

Washington State Parks trip

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Megan Kennedy

Written By Megan

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