Day 1 – Palouse Magic

Steptoe Battlefield, Steptoe Butte, and Field Springs

May 15, 2015 by Megan

steptoe butte

What an amazing way to start the trip… seeing some surprising historic and geological gems fairly close to home, putting in a respectable amount of miles (265) to the southeastern corner of Washington, and capturing three impressive parks before driving to the fourth for our first night of camping in the “Winnie Warrior.”

steptoe battlefield state park

First up were the Steptoes… Steptoe Battlefield and Steptoe Butte. Driving through the small historic towns that dot the agricultural landscape of the Palouse was a treat itself, but seeing the pride around the town of Rosalia with homemade signs proclaiming “Remember the Battle” certainly built the anticipation for the first stop (that, and hunger for some picnic sandwiches and a break from driving).

steptoe lunch

The history of the battlefield was interesting, and the historic site small and intimate at the top of the hill with some impressive views. For a Thursday afternoon, we had the place to ourselves, and enjoyed some dramatic mid-day sun on the monument.

steptoe battlefield
steptoe battlefield

From the battlefield it was on to the butte, which welcomed visitors to an incredible lookout over the Palouse. The approach was lovely as well, with patches of wild irises and sweet picnicing areas. Incredible to think that all 120 acres were donated by a private citizen for the enjoyment of all (thanks to Virgil McCroskey in 1946).

steptoe butte fee area
steptoe butte flowers in bloom
steptoe butte interpretive sign

After a long drive further south, we shot our last park of the day: Field Springs. This was one of those surprises for us, as we didn’t have much information going in… shooting the campgrounds and day use areas was nice, but jumping onto a trail when you don’t know where it leads is intriguing and beguiling. I made the hike alone since Dane was spent and Rob decided to put in some good Father/Son playtime while I wrapped up the shoot. It was breathtaking, and I am so thrilled to have the images to share it.

field springs entry
field springs playground
field springs view
field springs flowers in bloom
field springs view

I am hooked… this opportunity to get out and explore is amazing, and this is just the beginning.

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