58/25: Washington State Parks Photo Adventure

May 28, 2015 by Mallory

We are very excited to be packing up our new (old) 1988 Winnebago Warrior with gear, clothes, and sundries, to embark upon a 25-day, 2,366-mile adventure for Washington State Parks! Megan and Rob will be shooting photos and video at 58 of Washington’s beautiful state parks, building the agency’s media library for various future marketing purposes. Our families have a long history with Washington State Parks (both Rob and my husband, David, used to be Washington State Park Rangers), and it is exciting to be continuing that relationship in a new capacity through Rogue Heart Media. Taking the show on the road for this length of time is bound to be an adventure, so Meg and Rob will be documenting their travels here! We hope you’ll enjoy the journey across Washington State along with us!

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Mallory Battista

Written By Mallory

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