New Year’s Eve Reflections

Leaning into the Light & Magic

December 31, 2021 by Megan

Monroe Street Bridge at winter sunset

Sitting here on New Year’s Eve, having said goodbye to the sun for the final time in 2021 – I’m cold, excited, and hope-filled. And down a rabbit hole of reflections.

I snapped this photo over a decade ago. I would have sworn it was “just a couple years back.” Tonight’s golden light and frigid weather reminded me of that wild walk (apparently on Jan 30th, 2011), seeing the gondolas straining under the extra weight of the ice, the angelic light catching the mist from the falls and bringing the cool blues of cold in contrast to the suns rays through the shadow of this Spokane icon. I raced like hell from the Post Street bridge down to the falls to get another angle. The light moves fast in the winter here – as we all know the sunsets sink fast.

 I still remember the rush of the fleeting moment. The feeling of gratitude that I had a camera with me at all that day. The sense of excitement despite the bitter cold that something fantastical was unfolding. This was also barely two weeks after launching Rogue Heart Media –  we’ll be celebrating our 11th anniversary just a few weeks from now. It is amazing how quickly life moves, and how memories of still and simple moments can be triggered a decade later by the light. Isn’t that magical? Have a safe and wonderful night, friends, and see you in the new and beautiful light of 2022 – let’s make it a restorative year.

Megan Kennedy

Written By Megan

With over 20 years of video production experience, Megan invests heart and mind into every project, from directing and editing PSA campaigns, to producing complex human interest documentaries, to developing extensive digital and multimedia campaigns. She also leads the team’s photography services, specializing in crafted portraiture as well as creative and conceptual imagery for marketing. She is dedicated to community stewardship and placemaking, and her commitment to projects that make a difference guides Rogue Heart in its growth.

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